Wendy Ling-Hsuan Wang is a designer who loves science & art.


Spring 2022

Thesis II: Production

Fall 2021

Hand Held

Stories of Illness

Machine Learning for the Web

Multisensory Storytelling in VR

The Body, Everywhere and Here

Thesis I: Research & Development

Summer 2021

Synthetic Architectures

Spring 2021

Nature of Code

How to Count Birds

Assistive Tech for Museums

Escape Room

Unfamiliarly Convenient

Fall 2020

Intro to Physical Computing

Intro to Computational Media

Video & Sound



Extracurricular Projects

Smithsonian Open Access Challenge

AI Ethics / UX Study Group

[Microsoft Design Expo](https://www.notion.so/Microsoft-Design-Expo-4bc77b775c4247b896f15ca7d5c98b49)

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